Big Punch From a Wild Little Lemon

Big Punch From a Wild Little Lemon

We have all heard of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit, of course. But what about Lemon Aspen? Lemon Aspen, otherwise known as the Rainforest Lemon, is a true citrus but one that’s unknown outside of Australia. Long used by the indigenous people but only recently “discovered” by western science it is found only in Australia. This very highly concentrated citrus has the nutrient value of about six normal lemons, including the pulp and the rind. Not bad for a pint sized little fruit!

Flavor wise it’s a bit of a mix between lemons and grapefruit. But taste is not what’s getting people interested. It’s the goodness inside. 

Lemon Aspen is rich in folate, zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium. It is a super antioxidant compared to the highly renowned, health promoting, blueberry.

Small amounts of Lemon Aspen helps to rejuvenate and revitalize skin and has been shown to be beneficial in anti-aging. High in vitamin C which is a vital component in skin health and vitality by energizing the production of collagen. Collagen is a necessary component to reduce wrinkles and enhance skin condition and texture. Lemon Aspen’s benefits don’t stop there!  High antioxidant levels help reduce free radical skin damage. A highly desirable benefit.

Lemon Aspen contains powerful, natural, phyto-nutrients which are useful in many other body care areas such as hair conditioning, hair repair, dermatologic inflammation, skin whitening and pigmentation lightening along with protein hyrdrolysate moisture in your hair and skin. Pretty cool little fruit!

Wild harvested in Australia’s remote northern rainforest regions this wonderful, fragrant, small fruit is making its mark in skin and body care products.   

Australiana Botanicals uses Lemon Aspen in a number of their botanical skin care products. It provides wonderful skin enhancing benefits along with its soft and pleasant citrus fragrance. Australiana Botanicals, based in the western edge of the Rocky Mountains USA, specializes in pure, botanical skin care products featuring the newly discovered Australian super fruit extracts and Australian essential oils creating a truly unique range of skin care products. They manufacture pure, botanical and organic skin care products without chemicals, fillers or harmful ingredients of any kind. These products would have to be ranked among the best organic skin care products in the world today. 


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