Botanical or Chemical on Your Skin?

Botanical or Chemical on Your Skin?

What would you prefer? Clean, pure, plant based botanical skin care crème rubbed and absorbed into your skin……or one made from a synthetic chemical, with a long unpronounceable name, that sounds like it came from a chemical plant?  I know what I prefer for myself and my precious children. Botanical, any day!

But why? Other than just sounding better, what is the actual difference?

Women (and men) are getting more savvy these days about products they use, especially on their bodies.  Botanical extracts are rapidly making their way into the cosmetic and skincare industry around the world. The skin care market is growing rapidly…..but the big growth is coming from natural and botanical, versus traditional synthetic chemical. But why?

Let’s take a closer look and see how botanicals can be so beneficial for you in skincare and cosmetic products.

Where do botanical ingredients come from?  Simple, a plant’s leaves, flowers, bark or fruit.  Modern science now has allowed us to extract the rich goodness from plants without damaging the nutrient value. Pure extracts can provide the natural properties of the plant in a highly concentrated and useful form. 

Because of consumer demand for natural products. and the huge “push back” against synthetic chemicals, manufacturers who care about what their customers are applying to their skin are investing more in botanical ingredient research. And it’s paying off bigtime! Discoveries that are proving highly beneficial are being made that were unknown just a few years ago. And in some unlikely places. Take Australia for example.

Who would have guessed that this most ancient of all lands is brimming with some of the most powerful botanicals on earth? Australia, being an island continent, has been isolated for eons. As a result, its flora and fauna have evolved to be like nothing else on earth. Truly unique in every way. Researchers have discovered that many of Australia’s botanicals are simply off the planet with nutrients, anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial agents, vitamins, minerals, enzymes……and the list goes on!  New manufacturing methods have allowed skin care companies to extract and blend the best of these botanicals into highly effective, totally natural ingredient, products that are simply wonderful to use. And safe!

Australiana Botanicals is a company that has based its entire line up using these amazing Aussie botanical ingredients. Their whole angle is to make pure, natural skin care products, without any harmful chemicals, fillers or harmful ingredients at all. But are they any good and do they work?  Well, the market is saying “amazing”!  Women are reporting that they love these products. They feel secure knowing that what their skin (and their babies) is absorbing is safe and beneficial and they can feel, and see, the difference.

Australiana Botanicals must be among the best organic skin care product companies today.  They care about their customers and what they absorb into their bodies and make only high quality truly botanical skin care products and organic skin care products. Check out their incredible and unique range right now.


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