From Cancer to Skin Care Company

From Cancer to Skin Care Company


From Cancer to Skin Care Company

Why would a long-term software executive start a skin care company?  I get that question often. The answer is hopefully, to save lives.

After losing my beloved wife to cancer back in 2014, at the young age of 51, my family and I all became totally aware of holistic health. In other words “what we put ON our bodies and what we put IN our bodies” is of paramount importance to a long and healthy lifestyle. Consequently, my adult daughters no longer wanted to use chemical-based skin care. But high quality botanical skin care, that really worked and smelled nice, was very difficult to find. I wanted to help anyway I could.

We changed our own lifestyles in many ways. Daily raw juicing, we ate less (or at times, no) meat, more fruit and veggie, we exercised more and became more aware of toxins in our home and in our personal products. (You might be surprised at what you are smearing on yourself every day!)

As far as skin care was concerned, we found that many other women were in the same boat. The demand was there but the solution wasn’t. So I decided to do something about it.

I engaged one the best botanical formulators in the US. Being an Aussie by origin I knew about the incredible unique botanicals from Australia. Super-fruits that the Aboriginal peoples have thrived on for centuries and how rich they are in nutrients. We went to work and, after lots of trial and error over several years, we created the most nutrient dense botanical skin care on earth. And smells totally gorgeous!

So I am on a quest to help people live better, healthier lifestyles. We have a range of pure, natural and safe skin care, some wonderful essential oils, and other healthy lifestyle products in development. (Stay tuned!)

I want everyone to become aware that what we put ON our bodies and what we put IN or bodies makes a difference.  It’s my quest! 

Our environment is different than it was in our parent’s day. We are exposed to pollution daily, the air we breathe is often bad, our food has been modified and poisoned and we are deluged with toxins everywhere we go.  If we don’t look after ourselves diligently, we WILL pay the price. Sooner or later.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

David Malpas


Australiana Botanicals Inc.

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