How A Skin Care Routine Can Help Manage Anxiety and Depression

How A Skin Care Routine Can Help Manage Anxiety and Depression

Unfortunately, anxiety and depression are commonplace. And many in the medical community believe the number of people affected is increasing. 


If you don't suffer from a mental or emotional condition yourself, it's likely that someone in your family does. Or someone in your social circle.


According to the Anxiety and Depression Association 40 million U.S. adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. That's 18% of the population!

Did you know that a skin care routine can help manage depression and anxiety?

It’s Not Just About Beauty

I'm not talking about looking younger. Or more attractive. Though good skin care definitely does that.

I want to talk about the psychological benefits of a daily skin care ritual. Specifically, how it can help manage anxiety and depression.

Let's explore why a skin care routine is so valuable for people who struggle with mental and emotional conditions.

The Magic of a Daily Routine

Mental health professionals encourage their patients to establish healthy, daily routines. These include exercise, and meditation. Eat nutritious meals at the same time every day. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

There are several reasons for this. Anxiety and depression make you feel out of control. A routine helps you regain a sense of control and empowerment. Your life feels more manageable. This, in turn builds self-confidence.

Stress Management

Anxiety and depression put our brains on stress overload. Daily routines give our brains a rest.

A woman interviewed for an article entitled "Can Skincare Keep You Sane" explained that following a daily skin care regimen helps her more than weeks of counseling sessions. It shortens the duration of her depressive episodes and empowers her to take control of her emotional well-being.

Women who have a skin care ritual credit it for giving them a positive start to their day. At night, it helps them calm down and free their mind of the stresses of the day.

Focusing on a soothing skin care routine can help the brain get out of negative thought patterns.  Applying serums, creams, and cleansers activates several senses and gives the mind something positive to focus on.

Which Products Are Best?

Want to start a daily skin care routine to help manage your mental and emotional challenges? You are probably wondering what type of products to use.

Funny you should ask...

Seek the very best ingredients for your precious skin. It's a conscious choice to prioritize product quality.

Life is hard enough. Don't be hard on your skin. Toxins have no place in healthy skin self-care. Your skin will absorb them and negate the benefits of the ritual. And they can put you at risk of additional health issues. Like cancer or organ toxicity. They can even alter your reproductive system. Pair one of these scary diseases with depression and you’ll have a truly monstrous health threat!

Self-Nurturing Increases Quality Of Life

Think nourishment. Think soothing fragrances.  Think silky and smooth to the touch. Gently massage your face and get that dopamine pumping.

Vitamin and mineral-rich Australian superfruits feed your skin. They support emotional well being and balance. Unbelievably high antioxidant levels combat the free radicals that threaten your health. Remember that anxiety and depression can weaken your immunity. And then there are aromatherapy benefits from the gorgeous essential oil and fruit fragrances.

An Additional Tool For Anxiety And Depression Management

Clinical depression and anxiety are complex conditions. I'm not suggesting that a skin care routine alone is sufficient.

However, many people maintain a daily skin care routine to help manage their mental health challenges.  Regardless of your specific health issues—taking care of yourself is essential.

We all deserve that, right?

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