Prevent Acne Breakouts: Avoid Hidden Sources of Bacteria

Prevent Acne Breakouts: Avoid Hidden Sources of Bacteria

Among the most common subjects I get asked about is acne prevention and cleansing. So, this post will focus a little on some prevention tips and how we can cleanse the bacteria from the skin creating a cleaner, more healthy, skin environment to prevent or reduce breakouts.

Some of the most oft-repeated acne treatment advice for avoiding breakouts is to keep your skin clean. Popping zits is very tempting but often it leads to spreading the bacteria over other parts of your face. This is not good!  If you do pop your zits, cleanse immediately. We have a wonderful wash for acne-prone skin. It gently cleanses without stripping natural oils or further irritating sensitive skin. Our Lemon Aspen Citrus Wash will gently clean out your pores and any minor broken skin. It would be great to follow up with a tiny amount of one of our anti-aging serums or our Lemon Myrtle & Lavender Night & Day Total Face Renewal.  Ok, so why an anti-aging serum and a face cream?  It’s because these products have some remarkable anti-bacterial agents in them that will cleanse and disinfect. Secondly, they are wonderful for rejuvenating and refreshing your skin. For a weekly deep cleanse our Manuka Miracle Mask is the perfect boost of hydration, de-toxing anti-bacterial agents and pore-tightening botanical ingredients.

In addition to cleansing properly with a high-quality gentle cleanser, avoiding hidden sources of bacteria can make acne flare. If bacteria were large enough to see with the naked eye, we probably wouldn't overlook the numerous places it's flourishing right in our own homes, workplaces, and on objects we touch continually. But we can’t see them so we tend to overlook places that can be loaded with bacteria that might be making our situation worse.

What about your pillowcase?

When you climb into bed and lay your head down on that irresistible pillow at the end of a long day, you probably don't think about the colonies of bacteria on the pillowcase. If you did, you couldn't go to sleep until you replaced it with a clean one. Though it's not pleasant to imagine, consider all the bacteria that may be breeding in the cloth.  That is what your skin is bathing in all night! Keep your pillow case clean and consider replacing it with a fresh one daily. At least until you get things under control.

And your towel?

You may think that a towel can be re-used several times if you only use it to dry clean skin. However, scientists have found that bacteria thrives on moist towels in the warm bathroom environment.  While we think we might be clean it is impossible to remove 100% of the bacteria from our skin when we shower or wash our hands. Thus, re-using a towel spreads the bacteria from the towel to your skin and back again. Change your towels frequently to minimize the bacterial hotbed that can trigger acne breakouts.

Do you use a cell phone?

Of course you do! Our phones hang out in some sketchy neighborhoods. How many of you set your phone on the following less-then-sterile surfaces: restaurant tables, car seats, office desks, and kitchen counters? Phones are stuffed in pockets with handkerchiefs, cluttered purses, and gym bags full of dirty workout clothes. And have you ever dropped one on a bathroom floor?  Then we press it to our face and have a conversation!  Yuck!  Disinfecting your cell phone often can reduce the bacteria that comes in contact with the active acne zone. (Take a peek at great new way to keep your phone sanitized electronically).

Acne can cause us so much grief.  If you are frustrated by unsightly and annoying breakouts and are looking for an alternative solution then try the Australiana Botanicals skin care system.  These products are all natural, chemical free and contain some powerful natural cleansing and anti-bacterial agents. In addition, they contain tons of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help restore your skin to a healthy state. You only need use tiny amounts, which are non-greasy, and absorb quickly into your skin.  Key ingredients are Australian Outback superfruit extracts that the indigenous population thrived on for centuries, using them for both high nutrient foods and medicines. Plus, recently discovered Australian essentials oils that have proven to be powerful natural cleansers and anti-bacterial agents. We think you will see a difference. Why not try some today!  Money back guarantee if not satisfied.



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