The secrets to totally awesome skin I promised you.....and you will want to know!

The secrets to totally awesome skin I promised you.....and you will want to know!

The secrets to totally awesome skin I promised you.....and you will want to know!

Hi. This is David, the Founder of Australiana Botanicals. 

Last week I told you that I was going to give you some secrets on how you could "feed" your skin to overcome lots of problem issues so that you could improve your skin. Everyone wants fabulous skin, right? But we all know it can be a bit allusive at times. 

 This email might be a bit long today but hang in there. It should be worth it! There are some good things I want to teach you about having awesome skin.

 I also promised to tell you about the 45-Day Skin Transformation Challenge that we have coming up where you can get some free full sized product.

 But, first things first. 

 Surprisingly, there has been a trend in the skin care industry to "treat" skin with chemicals. You slather them on in the name of anti-aging, moisturizing, softening, improving skin texture, protecting, beauty, treating skin conditions and the list goes on. While there are some specific skin conditions that need "medicine" mostly what skin really needs is nutrition. In this case I don't mean food that you eat, but vitamins and nutrients in your skin care products.

 Think about that!  Makes sense, right?

 Your skin is the largest organ of your body. What it wants, and needs, is nutrition. Not chemicals!  It's just like any other organ and needs vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients to be healthy and thrive.

So, the smart companies are looking for ways that can feed your skin with nutrition. The smart buyers are now looking for these products and moving away from chemical based products in droves. Big trend! There are actually two reasons for that. One, is that people are now learning that nutrition, not chemicals, is the key to healthy, vibrant, smoother, softer, younger looking skin.

 Second, they are learning that many of the chemicals being used by skin care companies are actually toxic and can harm you over time. Believe it or not, some ingredients being used commonly have proven to be carcinogenic! And to disrupt the endocrine system, which is your hormonal and reproductive system. That's not good! And to add insult to injury, these chemicals may be damaging your skin and actually be accelerating the aging process! OMG!


The good news is that people are becoming aware and putting pressure on these companies not to use these ingredients. Some are listening and dropping them from their formulas. Hooray, and about time!

 So how do you get what your skin really needs and wants?

 Over the next few emails, if you bear with me, I am going to teach you about skin nutrition and how to get it. Being savvy about skin nutrition, and applying that knowledge, will give you a real advantage

 You may be wondering "does my skin really absorb stuff?" The short answer is absolutely. Think nicotine patches for smokers trying to kick the habit. Studies have proven that things we put on our skin can get into our bloodstream. 

 Ok, enough of the negative stuff. Lets' talk about skin nutrition. Over the past few years there have been some incredible discoveries made in plants in different parts of the world. These plants, and their benefits, have been known for centuries by the indigenous populations but largely unknown to western science. And now we claim we "discovered" them. Funny huh?

 Anyway, let me tell you about one in particular, to start with Kakadu Plum. (Pronounced Kak-a-doo). It comes from the rain forests of Outback Australia. Used by the Aboriginal population for as long as time itself it has now been found to have the highest concentration of vitamin C of any source on earth. And, ultra high in anti-oxidants.  Skin care and cosmetic companies, in Australia, discovered this a few years ago and have been using it with awesome results. But it's largely unknown in the US. There are a few products coming out now and the word is spreading. 

 So, why is Kakadu Plum so great for your skin?  Two main reasons stand out.

 One, the high levels of vitamin C are what your skin needs to produce collagen. I won't go into why your skin needs collagen as this email is getting too long. But you can Google it. Trust me when I say your skin wants it!

 Secondly, the antioxidants are equally important.  Everyone knows something about "free radicals" these days and that we need to eliminate them so we don't get cancer. But there are other reasons too. Such as oxidative stress!  That's where free radicals damage skin cells and bring on aging. It's a bit like when water causes rust! Yikes! 

 So, anything that you can apply to your skin that boosts the delivery of vitamin C and antioxidants is good. You definitely want that!

 Anyway, I have taken way too much of your time in this email. I didn't mean to ramble on but I do want you to understand the importance of nutrition in skin care. I am on a quest to get women (and men) to stop using harmful chemical based skin care and get super healthy gorgeous looking skin, naturally. Thank you for hanging in there. 

 I hope you have learned a little something about the pathway to awesome skin. Next email I will teach you about some other plants that you will really want in your daily routines. I was going to tell you about the 45 Day Skin Transformation Challenge today, but that will have to wait till later.

 I will also tell you how cancer started a skin care revolution.

 Until next time.




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