About Australiana Botanicals


Australiana Botanicals, located in Alpine Utah, USA, offers world-class, Pure Natural & Safe™ skin and body care products using the most powerful botanicals on earth – Australian Outback super fruits and newly discovered essential oils.

Why Did We Do This?

Our Founder, David Malpas, lost his beautiful wife to cancer in 2014 at the young age of 51. As a result, his whole family became very aware of holistic health: what they put in their bodies and what they put on their bodies. Everything changed, from daily eating habits, raw juicing, nutritional supplements, more exercise, to consciously avoiding anything that may be potentially harmful.

His adult daughters could not find high-quality skin and body care products without chemicals known to be harmful. Safe, botanical products, at the quality they wanted, were very hard to find! They found products were either disappointing or very expensive.

We found that many women wanted the same thing: safe, natural skin and body care that really worked…. at an affordable price.

So we set out to solve this problem!


#1 Our mission and purpose is to provide Pure Natural & Safe™ skin and body care, that thrills our customers and is affordable to just about anyone.

#2 We believe we have a responsibility to help change the lives of children within the US and, if possible, around the world. We are passionate about providing education and opportunity to those who desire it. Access to food, education and health services. These are significant life changers. See our GIVE BACK section.



To continue to be a leader and innovator in botanical skin and body care. To be a significant force for good, lifting burdens and providing opportunities to children in need.



We value honesty, integrity, fair business practices, charitable giving to those in need, doing good, making a difference in the lives of individuals, fostering friendship and spreading goodwill where-ever we go.