About Australiana Botanicals


Australiana Botanicals is a boutique company located in the pristine Adelaide Hills of South Australia and Alpine Utah, USA, high in the Rocky Mountains. We offer world-class, pure, essential oil products focusing on the most powerful botanicals on earth – Australian natives.

We strive to be an innovator bringing new and exciting, very high quality, essential oil products to the world market at affordable prices.


(Watch for our world class organic skin care range, coming soon. And our expanded line-up of nutritional supplements - brimming with the worlds most powerful superfruits from Outback Australia).

Why Did We Do This?

 Essential oils are growing in popularity. More plant species with beneficial properties are being constantly discovered. But they have become expensive and unaffordable for many. We wanted to change that.

No one should be denied the benefits of Mother Nature because of price. We so created a company dedicated to producing the best quality essential oils…. at an affordable price.

We decided right up front that we wanted to make extraordinary products available at affordable prices. Our focus was on making truly amazing, "raving fan" products that were pure, natural and safe, that virtually anyone could afford.

What's the point of making beneficial products if only the elite can afford them? So far the market is telling us we are on the right track.


Other companies dilute their oils with inert coconut oil. This is called "fractionation". The purpose of doing this is to reduce the manufacturing cost and make more profit. We do NOT do this. Our oils are unfractionated and are 100% active oils. This means they are more fragrant and effective for the purpose you bought them for. And being full strength you use less so they last longer.

Australian Superfruits


#1 Our mission and purpose is to provide Pure Natural & Safe™ essential oils, that thrill our customers and are affordable to just about anyone.

#2 We believe we have a responsibility to help change the lives of women and children around the world. We are passionate about providing education and opportunity to those who desire it. Access to food, education and health services. These are significant life changers. See our GIVE BACK section.



To continue to be a leader and innovator in boutique essential oils. To be a significant force for good, lifting burdens and providing opportunities to children in need.



We value honesty, integrity, fair business practices, charitable giving to those in need, doing good, making a difference in the lives of individuals, fostering friendship and spreading goodwill where-ever we go.