Woman distributor showing skin care products to friend eager to try and buy. 


Are you ready to build your own home based business and earn some extra income

Do you insist on world-class products, that people use every day and buy over and over again?

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Earn as much as you are willing to work for? No limits... work your own hours. It's the dream job with no catch.

Social media makes it easy to reach out to potential customers from the comfort of your home.


No requirement to carry inventory. But if you want to, you earn even bigger margins.


Australiana Botanicals offers you a fantastic opportunity to build your own business reselling our entire product line to receptive buyers.


Three HUGE reasons why you should join us.....

1) Great margins: every sale earns you from 30% to 50% of the value of the sale (excluding taxes of course). Think about it, just one sale of a our Essential Essentials starter pack could earn you around $93 on that one item. How cool is that? Could you do that just 10 times a month and make $930?

2) Incredible, world-class products that have shown an 80% re-order rate and 98% 5 Star reviews and an almost zero return rate?  Women LOVE our products and buy over and over again. Imagine the business you could build over a few short months.

3) A line up of new products and additional categories coming (such as skin care and nutritional supplements) that will keep your customers fresh; buying from you into the long term, for many of their daily personal care needs.


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