Whats Next?

We understand you want the very best and the latest in botanical skin care. So......WHAT'S AROUND THE BEND? 

Stay tuned.........we have an exciting line-up of wonderful, new, leading edge products in the pipeline that will keep your skin silky and kissable for a very long time.
  • more face crème choices
  • hand crème selections 
  • body lotions
  • high potency botanical peels
  • more scrub choices
  • an amazing skin repair stick
  • luscious hydrating spray mists
  • sunburn relief sprays
  • body massage lotions 
  • and much more  

We continually research new Australian botanical discoveries to create unique world class products.

We have whole new categories that we will be releasing - expanding into lines such as 

  • pre and post-natal mother and baby skin care
  • women specific nutritionals
  • health supplements for everyday use and for athletic performance
  • massage oils
  • essential oils
  • diffuser oils

All with their unique differences and all including Australian native fruit extracts and essential oils. So keep watching! Lots more very exciting developments from Australiana Botanicals as we grow and expand.