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Effective cleansing for acne sufferers.

I get asked all the time about acne, what to do about it and what products to use. One of the most important tasks in eliminating acne is a thorough anti bacterial cleanse.

Acne produces masses of bacteria which are easily spread. Squeezing zits is one way that bacteria gets spread. Chemical "treatments" are not always the best way to go and often don't do what they claim. They are often filled with various types of alcohol which may kill some bacteria but also dry the skin and do nothing to nourish.

Our Lemon Aspen Wash has a different approach. First of all its a deep cleanser. The anti bacterial properties of the Australian native Lemon Aspen are powerful cleansers without drying out the skin. I wrote an article on the Lemon Aspen a few months ago. You can read it in our Blog post section.  Secondly, we use Kakadu Plum and Quandong super fruit extracts, with extraordinary amounts of vitamin C, to actually nourish the skin and help it to heal.

Skin needs nourishment to heal itself, just like the rest of our bodies. How would you expect to heal from a disorder if you were not eating well and feeding your body vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Your skin is the same. Many of the "big name" brands focus on killing bacteria with alcohol and harsh chemicals but omit the natural step of skin nutrition.

Our recommendation would be to cleanse daily with Lemon Aspen Citrus Wash and further nourish with our Lemon Myrtle and Lavender Anti-aging Youth Serum. This serum will further cleanse, keeping your skin healthy and clean throughout the day and provide essential nutrients to power your immune system so you own body can help and heal the infections. Australian native Lemon Myrtle is a powerful natural anti bacterial and anti fungal agent. And, with its soft natural fragrance, it smells amazing as a bonus!

Try some today. You will find it a refreshing and effective approach. 

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