Why Sex Is Good For Your Skin

Why Sex Is Good For Your Skin

In our blog, we discuss a variety of issues related to natural skin care. In today's post, we are going to discuss a natural skin booster that doesn’t come in a tube or jar.

I'm talking about sex. (We're all adults here, right?)

Isn't it great that something that feels amazing is also good for your health? And improved health results in younger looking skin.

5 Ways Sex Is Good For Your Skin

 1. Bring On The Glow

Sex speeds up your heart rate. More blood flow means more oxygen. Oxygen produces that post-sex glow. Plus sex makes you happier. Everyone looks more attractive with a smile!

 2. De-Stress Between The Sheets

Lovemaking floods your body with oxytocin and endorphins. These hormones counteract the stress hormone cortisol. This reduces inflammation that is often a factor in acne breakouts. High levels of stress can also make skin more sensitive. 

3. Improved Sleep

Instead of tossing and turning, get busy with your partner and release those stress hormones. You'll sleep better when you're finished and look younger and more refreshed in the morning. The benefits of consistent high-quality sleep accumulate over time. So keep it up!

4. Immune System Support

Frequent romps in the sack make you more resistant to illness. And it's a lot more fun than taking Vitamin C, though you probably want to keep doing that as well.

5. Estrogen: Skin's Best Friend

Sex increases your estrogen levels. Estrogen slows the reduction of collagen that occurs naturally as you age. Collagen improves elasticity and skin tone while decreasing the appearance of wrinkles.

Beautiful Skin Gets You In The Mood

Now that we've discussed how intimacy improves skin condition, let's flip the script. How does attractive skin improve your sex life?

When your skin is healthy and beautiful, you feel more confident. Confidence and sensuality go hand in hand. I am sure your partner loves you no matter how you look, but if you have low self-esteem, it's hard to feel sexy.

Are you single and looking for a relationship?

You will be more self-assured in social situations when your skin is at its best. Confidence is attractive at any age. Beautiful skin on the outside is a manifestation of health on the inside. Caking on foundation to disguise dull, sagging skin doesn't fool anyone. Beautify your skin with a proven skin care system and you won't be tempted to use as much makeup. (You might decide you don't need any makeup at all.)

If you don't currently have an effective skin care regimen, we invite you to try our innovative products. We can't guarantee that it will improve your love life, but we promise you silky, kissable skin. And that can't hurt!



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