The Startling Facts - New Age Botanical Skin Care versus Chemical Based

The Startling Facts - New Age Botanical Skin Care versus Chemical Based

Hello! I just returned from a highly successful trade show in San Diego. The women who visited our booth loved our samples and were excited about trying our products. I am passionate about our pure, new age botanicals and love sharing them with women looking for all-natural, "no harmful chemicals" skin care. 

Since I just spent several days discussing botanicals, they are on my mind. Let’s talk about their significance for skin care.

In a basic sense, "botanical" simply refers to anything that comes from a plant. (If you took a botany class in college, you probably remember studying plants.)

Since plants have been around forever - why all the hype? I believe it's because health-conscious people are re-discovering the power of plants. Unfortunately, the last few generations have taken a dark turn with chemical-heavy skin care products. 

Since the industrial age, we've refined the use of chemicals for good and ill. Mostly ill, many would argue. We've also gotten very good at mass production. Efficient, assembly-line manufacturing is a boon when it makes a product cheaper and more accessible. However, it can also facilitate the dissemination of harmful substances.

For centuries, women used natural facial creams to wash and moisturize their facial skin. They used ingredients available to them. Mineral oil, almond oil, camphor gum, honey, beeswax, oatmeal, borax, and rose-water all found their way into what became know as "cold creams." Not all "natural" formulas were safe. Greek women used lead carbonate to whiten their skin and Egyptian women used lead sulphide.

Without strong preservatives, many early facial creams didn't have a long shelf life. Women mixed them up themselves. Those who could afford it purchased them in small quantities at their local pharmacist or chemist.

At the early part of last century, commercial soap became available to consumers. Skin care companies began mass producing products with a longer shelf life. They experimented with synthetic ingredients as emulsifiers, preservatives, colorants, and chemically formulated scents. 

They also broadened their offerings with products formulated to prevent acne breakouts, fill fine lines, or tighten pores. In most countries, including the USA, the industry was loosely regulated. There was little rigorous scientific testing or control over ingredients. Consequently, products with dangerous chemicals made their way to the public. Unfortunately this is still somewhat the case and even from big brand names our mothers naively trusted. 

"In the United States, the average person is exposed to more than a hundred chemicals from cosmetics, soaps, and other personal care products before leaving the house in the morning”.

When products with chemicals became ubiquitous, people came to expect them. Producers continued to meet their expectations. A vicious cycle ensued. It has been going on for several generations.

Savvy women are now saying "Enough!" I said "Enough!" when I lost my sweet wife to cancer four years ago. I started researching foods and personal care products—basically everything that goes in or on my body. This distinction is unnecessary. Things we put "on" our bodies might as well go "in." Many of the chemicals in personal care products go straight to the bloodstream. We should scrutinize lotions, soaps, acne creams, and cosmetics as carefully as we scrutinize food.

You don't need to worry about the ingredients in our all-natural, botanicals. We use no harmful chemicals. We cold crush our fresh fruits and vegetables to retain purity and nutritional potency. We use the most powerful plant sources found on earth – Australian native super fruits and essential oils. We use no artificial fragrances. Our gorgeous scents come from the botanical ingredients we use, such as Lemon Myrtle and Lavender. You won't find fillers or useless ingredients to bulk up our products. You will find only pure, natural & safe bio-active botanical ingredients. Just great things for your skin! You can learn more about our ingredients policy here:

So, discover Pure, All-Natural Skin Care with New Age Botanicals. Try some today and feel the difference. .

I appreciate everyone who visited our booth last weekend. And, as always, thanks for visiting our blog. 

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