• FREE to begin earning

    No investment or upfront cost

  • Up to 45% Commission on personal sales

  • NO CAP on personal earnings

    The sky is the limit!

  • COMMISSIONS PAID every 2 weeks

  • Up to 10% Commission paid on your Customer's customers when he/she enrolls as an Advocate.

  • Easy as... No commitment, no qualifying rules, no pyramid, no MLM. Just customers. Simple!


Our earnings model is very simple. When you sell a product, as a registered Advocate, you get paid a generous commission based on a percentage of the product sale value. You build a customer base that orders from you regularly. And with an 80.2% regular re-order rate that could build up quickly.

If one of your customers decides to become an Advocate you get paid again on everything they and their entire customer group buys.

If you multiply your customers and help them to become Advocates as well, you can build unlimited income.


You choose whether you want to hold inventory, for immediate customer delivery. If you decide not to, we will deliver purchases directly to your customer. If you decide to hold inventory, as a Pro-Advocate, you can earn even more.

As an independent Advocate, you are not required to make any product purchases at all. But it does help if you are a happy user and can tell your prospects about your own experiences with the products. Social selling is based on trusted recommendations.


There is no limit. It's all up to you. Set your goals and go for it. Big goals or modest are all possible. You call the shots.

Build a steady income for yourself. You are the boss, you get to set your own limits.

No investment is required. No minimum purchases to stay active, or qualify for commissions. We have none of that. You earn when you sell. There is no risk and no downside to you.


We are committed to your success every step of the way. Your triumphs are our triumphs, and we're here to support you in achieving your goals, whether it's mastering product knowledge, honing your sales and marketing skills, or navigating the ins and outs of running your own small business.

We offer a variety of resources tailored to your needs. Dive into our library of online videos from the comfort of your own home, or join interactive training sessions led by our expert team.


You can work from any location of your choosing - in person, at home, outdoors, the beach, trade shows or over the Internet with social media. It's totally up to you.

So go ahead, set your goals high - we'll be right by your side, cheering you on and providing the guidance and support you need to reach them. Your success is our priority, and you are never on your own!


Disillusioned with MLM? Didn't achieve your goals? Take heart, it was never your fault!

The system worked against you and was always designed to reward those at the top. That's how MLM works. It's driven by big-time highly motivated leaders who can recruit massive numbers. They are one in thousands. Every MLM company needs them and rewards them or they lose them. So the system was never designed for you to be sucessful. It was designed for the leaders at the top. As long as big leaders recruit people and have them spend their money, they made money and the company made money. Where did that leave you? You thought you were a distributor...but actually you were their customer!

Entry level people, coming in with honest expectations, wonder why they simply hit their head against the wall and don't achieve their dreams. And most often, it cost them more money than they earned. That's why MLM has a bad rap. Millions can be earned for sure.....but only by a very, very few with specialized skills.

That's NOT Australiana. We are here for everyone - you - the everyday person with everyday skills and dreams - people who just want to make a difference in their lives. And to achieve their own goals. Our business model is designed to reward those (you) at the coal face and achieve YOUR goals, big or small. Honest reward for honest work! All the things you disliked about MLM are gone. Including the negative stigma and inflated prices.

Don't wait any longer. Come and join us, a group of like-minded people...and live life YOUR way!


Income Disclosure Statement

Australiana Botanicals makes no promises, representations or guarantees regarding income or earnings. You should not rely on the earnings or results of other Advocates as an expectation of what you may earn. Like any business, success or failure is determined by hard work and skill. All people and circumstances are different and your earnings, if any, will be determined by your own efforts, dedication and effectiveness.