6 Skin Care Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Skin

6 Skin Care Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Skin

Do you want healthy and vibrant skin but you can't seem to get there? You might be making common skin care mistakes. Dermatologists recommend that their patients stop doing these things to their skin.

If you want to look younger and keep your skin healthy then don’t make these mistakes.

Mistake #1 You Treat All Pimples the Same

Pimples aren't created equal. Pustular blemishes work their way to the surface. Cystic blemishes don't. This is important. If you zap a pustular zit before it has surfaced, the medicine doesn't get where it needs to be. You only succeed at drying out the skin above the blemish. Wait for the pimple to appear so the product can go to work.

For cysts, you need a blemish treatment formulated specifically for these types of pimples.

For both types, don't pick or pop them. You've probably been warned multiple times about the risk of scarring. If you're stilling popping your pimples, it's time to break this bad habit. If you've escaped scarring so far, count yourself lucky. If you already have scars—don't create any more!

What Nutrients Minimize Scarring?

What skin care products are best to minimize scarring? Look for nourishing plant-based formulas. Australian super fruits have insanely high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. These two "anti's" are the dynamic duo for scars. Reducing inflammation makes scars smaller and less noticeable. Antioxidants help your skin repair itself.

If you really can't stop yourself from picking and prodding at your face, talk to a psychiatrist. Excoriation Disorder (chronic skin-picking) is an actual psychiatric condition related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  As such, it can be treated with medication and/or cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

If your skin-picking habit is not as extreme, here are some tips:

Stop using a magnified mirror

  • See a dermatologist about your acne
    • If you can clear up your acne with professional help, you are less likely to pick at your skin
  • Keep your nails trimmed super short
  • Determine what triggers your urge to pop and learn coping mechanisms
  • Have a go-to activity for occupying your hands when you subconsciously reach for your face
    • Squeeze a stress ball
    • Turn on your favorite binge-worthy series
    • Get lost in a game on your phone
    • Paint your nails
    • Massage a dollop of Australiana Botanicals Lemon Myrtle & Lavender Hand & Body Lotion into your hands. Close your eyes and breathe in the natural fragrance. Ahh...heavenly!

Mistake #2 Not Taking Insomnia Seriously

If you rarely get seven or eight hours of restorative sleep, you aren't doing your skin any favors. We have all experienced dark circles after pulling an all-nighter.

A continual sleep deficit dulls your complexion because it knocks your pH levels out of whack. It can exacerbate dryness. It inhibits natural detoxification. If you're prone to acne breakouts, lack of sleep will make those more likely.

In fact, chronic sleep problems increase your risk for a host of health problems. But that's the topic for another post.

As with any condition that threatens your health and quality of life, seek professional help if you can't overcome it on your own.

Mistake #3 Using Powder for The Wrong Reasons

Do you use powder when you have an oily shine and want to tone it down? The powder will absorb some of the oil, but it may clog your pores in the process. If it's hot and humid outside, the oily shine won't stay away long. You can try matting wipes or blotting papers instead. Go for the plain Jane type without fragrances. They won't keep your face matte all day—you'll have to repeat every few hours. But they actually remove oil instead of simply covering it up.

Mistake #4 Expecting a Product to Work Immediately

In my last post, I briefly talked about the skin renewal cycle. It takes four weeks or more for new skin cells to move from the deepest layers to the surface. From the surface, they die and are sloughed off. If you try a new product, you aren't going to see results the next day. (Unless you use one with powerful and potentially harmful chemicals.) The cells on the surface were generated under different conditions.

You need to give a new product four weeks or longer so your skin has a chance to completely regenerate. Be patient with your skin!

Mistake #5 Missing Spots When Applying Sunscreen

Do you remember to cover the back of your neck? How about the tops of your ears? Here's a new one: eyelids. Guess what? Five to ten percent of skin cancers start on the eyelids! If you use a thicker cream vs. a watery one, it will be easier to cover the eyelid without getting it into your eye.

What types are best for the eye area? Susan Boiko, MD Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at UC San Diego recommends mineral formulas in stick form. They are made for sensitive skin and won't melt and drip into your eyes. (Ouch!)

Mistake #6 Not Caring About Product Ingredients

I couldn't discuss skin care mistakes without mentioning dangerous ingredients in skin care products.  If you’ve visited our blog before, you know that I'm on a crusade to raise public awareness about the health risks of common skin and body care ingredients. As long as companies sell toxins disguised as skin care, my work is not finished.

It’s important that you read the ingredients list of any product you put on your skin and know what to avoid. We have a list of the “no-no’s” on our web site. The majority of skin care companies use powerful, but toxic, chemicals to give you a rapid result. Unfortunately, the result is not only temporary but can actually accelerate aging in the longer term. Exactly the opposite of what you want. And even worse, some of these ingredients are known carcinogens and endocrine interrupters and do enter your bloodstream.

Is this your first visit to the Australiana blog? Welcome! For information about which ingredients to avoid, check out our previous posts and the list on this page.

 Visit www.australianaskin.com.au for more information on pure, natural & safe skin and body care.


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