Best Skin Care Routine to Look Younger In 2018

Best Skin Care Routine to Look Younger In 2018

Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting my blog. As I look back over 2017 and think about my goals for 2018, I wonder what other people are hoping the new year brings. The most common New Year's resolutions usually have to do with physical health; losing weight, exercising more, quitting smoking, etc. Unfortunately, these are also some of the resolutions that are most frequently broken. We all want good health and a youthful appearance, but making radicals changes in behavior is tough. On the bright side, however, it's easy to change your skin care habits and radically improve the health and beauty of your skin. And if our skin looks great, so do we!

A New Year for Your Skin

If you are serious about doing something right, you need the right tools. Don't waste your time and money on inferior products that don't work or actually make things worse. It’s a common mistake. If you want extraordinary results, you need extraordinary products with extraordinary ingredients. My team of skin care professionals have literally gone to the ends of the earth to source the most potent Australian Outback super fruits and the best new essential oils, invested significant amounts of money in product formulation, and completed rigorous testing to ensure safety and effectiveness. The result? A suite of elite skin care products that deliver healthy, vibrant, and youthful skin. Does this sound like something you want in 2018?

Start with The Basics

Every product in our line delivers specific benefits for specific skin care problems. But in today's post, let's look at four baseline products from our recommended daily routine.

Cleanse:    Lemon Acid Citrus Wash

You've got to keep your skin clean every single day. No surprise here. Our Lemon Aspen Citrus Wash cleanses thoroughly while delivering potent nutrients, and anti-aging compounds. This highly popular wash gently deep cleanses and removes bacteria. This is a wonderful wash to start your anti-acne routine.

Exfoliate:    Australian Wild Superfruits High Potency Stem Cell Scrub

Dead skin cells clog your pores and need to be removed. This scrub is designed to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to reveal softer and healthier skin. It also hydrates and refreshes using proprietary Australian Outback super fruits fusion and vegan stem cells to nourish and revitalize your skin. 

Repair & Rejuvenate:    Kakadu Plum Powerhouse Anti-Aging Serum Concentrate

Containing powerful, natural, anti-aging “actives” this concentrated and anti-aging serum is designed to repair damaged skin and slow down the aging process. Your skin will appear more youthful and will feel soft and silky to the touch. Its benefits include rejuvenation from sun and environmental damage, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing dryness, and smoothing skin texture. 

Moisturize:    Kakadu Plum & Wild Fragonia Bio-Active Face Cream

Dry skin cannot heal and never looks good. Skin needs to be moisturized and hydrated. This luxury day & night face cream will not only do that but will feed your skin with rich nutrients and anti-bacterial agents to keep it healthy and clean. A key ingredient is Fragonia™. This is a rare Australian native essential oil and powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory cleansing agent that will keep your skin fresh and help reduce the possibility of breakouts. Another key ingredient is Kakadu Plum; an ancient Outback super fruit aborigines have used for eons for health and wellness. It is intensely rich in vitamin C promoting production of collagen and elastin, assisting new cell growth and elasticity, smooth and control wrinkles and slow aging. In fact, it has the highest concentration of vitamin C of any plant on earth and has been called one of the best discoveries for skin care. It will make your skin feel soft, vital and youthful. This cream is non-greasy and rapidly absorbed. You can almost feel your skin drink it in. With a soft and exotic natural fragrance that makes it smell like heaven.

Your skin is just like any other part of your body…….it needs nourishment. If you are not nourishing your skin then you can expect problems. Australiana Botanicals products nourish your skin every step of the way. Most often when we have skin problems it can be due to two issues:  1) build-up of bacteria and 2) a lack of nutrients essential to keeping our skin healthy and vital.  While diet and exercise is an important part of skin care keeping it directly nourished is often overlooked.  That’s why our focus is on cleansing and nourishing, allowing our body to do what it does naturally, instead of dousing our skin with harsh, potentially harmful, chemicals.

Make 2018 A Beautiful Year

Healthy skin benefits body and soul. When you look and feel young and vibrant, it lifts your spirits and gives you renewed energy and sense of purpose. We understand that. Our goal is to give you the best skin of your life helping you to look great, feel great, and live a happier life. Our whole team at Australiana Botanicals is excited to share our exclusive skin care products with you and we wish you a very beautiful 2018.

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