Best Way Ever to Relieve Dry Winter Skin

Best Way Ever to Relieve Dry Winter Skin

Superfruits From Sunny Australia for Dry, Itchy Winter Skin

Brrr! It's cold here in Alpine, Utah and even colder in the eastern United States. If you live in an equatorial climate or the Southern Hemisphere and are reading this on your patio wearing shorts and flip-flops, you don't know what you are missing. But if you are experiencing winter as I am, you might be feeling like your skin is chapped from head to toe.

Dry skin in winter is often caused by a decrease in humidity that combines with lower temperatures to suck the moisture from your skin faster than in more humid months. When the moisture in our skin evaporates, our skin tightens, flakes, and itches. 

It's not just the outside air that parches our skin, there is also indoor heating which is extremely effective at making our skin feel like old shoe leather. It's no wonder that many people only notice dry skin during winter months.

Dry skin can react differently to your foundation because it's unable to absorb it. It's maddening when you are bundled up against the cold and the only exposed skin is on your face and it's red, tight, and flaky with tiny globs of foundation here and there. (Not a great look for anybody.) Where are those pretty pink cheeks that glow when it's nippy outside?

If you have read my other posts, of course you know where I am going with this. If you are struggling with dry skin, I have your solution, or rather, solutions, plural.

Dry, flaky, itchy winter skin needs potent moisture delivered in a form that is easily absorbed and retained so the healing and repairing can begin. And here's another plus: your skin won't feel greasy like most other moisturizers. I promise!

What do I recommend for parched winter skin? First off, for your face:

Kakadu Plum & Wild Fragonia™ Bio-Active Face Cream

All of our products offer multiple benefits and this one is no exception, but the key remedy it provides for parched winter skin is intensive moisturizing without the necessity of constant reapplication. Our customers are always amazed at how small of a dab is needed to gently work the luxurious cream into their whole face. Then their skin is soothed, hydrated, and nourished for the entire day or night! This is because all of our products are super-concentrated and formulated for long-lasting results. (Keep this in mind as you budget for anti-aging beauty products this year. Spending a little more for high-quality products that really work is far less expensive in the long run. And did I mention you only need tiny amounts?)

Our Kakadu Plum & Wild Fragonia Bio-Active Face Cream is also an anti-aging gem. A key ingredient, Kakadu Plum, is the richest source of Vitamin C known; a nutrient that is especially effective for skin health. It helps you look and feel younger by boosting healthy cell replication, increasing elasticity, reducing wrinkles, and strengthening the immune system. Your mother's face cream certainly couldn't boast of all those targeted benefits.  Another key ingredient is the essential oil Fragonia™. This wonderful newly discovered, and wild harvested, essential oil has some amazing cleansing and anti-bacterial agents which deep clean and kill bacteria which accumulate on our skin. (Great for acne sufferers).

Worried about feeling greasy? One of the hidden surprises that delight our users is the lack of greasiness and quick absorption. Kakadu Plum & Wild Fragonia™ Bio-Active Face Cream delivers moisture deep into skin tissues, not just an oily film that floats over the top. It absorbs so quickly and completely that you can apply foundation right after application if you use the cream in the morning. 

It's Not Just My Face That's Chapped and Dry!

I hear you and I've got your back. And hands, and arms, and feet. Desert Rose & Lemon Aspen Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion to the rescue. Don't you just love our long, lyrical product names? We can't make them short because our ingredients are quite unique and an important part of our products. That’s where we get our power from – these wonderful and unique Australian ingredients.  We not only pack a proprietary fusion of these extensively-tested Australian Superfruits, we add newly discovered Australian Essential Oils and other natural, all botanical, plant extracts. The unprecedented benefits are a result of the proprietary combination and nutrient-retentive processing. With our Desert Rose & Lemon Aspen Lotion, your skin will never fear winter again.

These are just two suggestions from our product line up designed for maximum hydration. Our motto is to give you “the best skin of your life”……even in winter!

That's all for today. Come visit me on the ski slopes and see why I love Utah winters. Or shoot me an email if you have any questions or comments about our products.

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