How To Keep a Great Attitude - Even Now

How To Keep a Great Attitude - Even Now

I don’t know about you but I am tired of the endless stream of negative news about the pandemic and COVID-19.

Unfortunately though, it’s a reality we all are facing. Just before this all broke out I watched a movie called Contagion. Never did I think that in just a few weeks I would actually be living through a similar scenario. 

Around the world, Coronavirus is the focus of over 65% of all news stories every day, in every country.  Behind these numbers, however, are real people. Customers, businesses, employees, moms, dads and kids!  Everyone is affected some way. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those families directly affected. That includes those who have lost loved ones, or are sick and suffering, or who have lost their incomes and are hurting financially. 

I hope you and your families are well.  We, at Australiana Botanicals, are all good and trying hard to stay that way.  Utah’s catch phrase right now is “Stay Home, Stay Safe”. So that’s what we are all doing! Yay for technology.  I felt kinda goofy when I went to the store with a face mask on. But, hey, if it keeps me, and my family, safe so be it!  Asian countries have been doing it for years. 

By the way, does anyone have any idea why people are buying all the toilet paper?  It beats me!

We are experiencing increased demand for our pure anti-bacterial essential oils. We are using them ourselves big-time!  I have my own diffuser running non-stop with the anti-bacterial Nerolina, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus, and Manuka essential oils.  And getting more diligent with the Immune Booster roll-on on the soles of my feet. (By the way, a friend told me about putting a dab of Lavender essential oil on my feet at night – helps me sleep like a baby. Try it!)

I have discovered that there are some of our customers who don’t know that we even have essential oils.  You can see them on our web site but I may run a special on them soon so everyone can use them to keep safe.

After the devastating Australian wild-fires some of our suppliers have been in recovery mode.  The wild-life was especially hard hit with hundreds of thousands of koalas killed or injured. And millions of other creatures as well. But after the fires the problem of lack of habitat and food became the bigger problem. That will take time to recover. The good news is that the Australian bushland recovers quickly. Native plants and trees grow quickly. Winter rains are on the way.

We are continuing to work with our suppliers to ensure that we have everything for our customer needs.  After the fires, growers are having to replace seedling nurseries, burnt out equipment, fencing and establish new tree plantings.  Everyone is pulling together and helping them get back on their feet – but there is still a long road to go for some.

In the meantime, we have plenty of inventory to get us through.

We live in a crazy upside-down world right now. But I think that the key is to remain cheerful and optimistic. Bad things have happened all through the earth’s history. But “this too, shall pass”. The dark clouds always clear away and the sun always comes back out. I have decided to be cheerful, optimistic and live life as normally as I can and recognize the good in everything. 

In my opinion this is a wake-up call. The US was not well prepared for something like this. I expect we will learn from it and be much better prepared, if and when it ever happens again.

So, in the words of that immortal song………Don’t worry, Be happy! 

The sun will shine again…and soon!  I promise. 


Hang in there everyone.

Bye for now.

David Malpas

Founder - Australiana Botanicals


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