Super Natural Skin Care from Plant Stem Cells?  Who knew?

Super Natural Skin Care from Plant Stem Cells?  Who knew?

For thousands of years herbs, plants, fruits and botanical extracts have been used for their healing and restorative properties. Some have proven so helpful and powerful that even today's “chemical” ingredients have not proven as effective.  

Now, with science making new discoveries in the botanical world and perfecting extraction techniques the botanical skin care market is booming beyond all expectations. Natural, organic skin care products are rapidly increasingly in demand.

There is nothing better than nature, and when we harness the raw power of the natural world using plant-based ingredients we find our skin, the largest organ in our body, really benefits.

Particularly over the past few years the skin care market has undergone a massive transformation. Two things have happened. Firstly, women have become much more savvy and no longer want to apply chemical based products to their bodies. The age of the Internet means that buyers can research ingredients and find out both the good and bad in products they have been using. Secondly, botanical skincare science has matured and has become very sophisticated. New discoveries are being made all the time, coupled with better extraction techniques which allows manufacturers to take the goodness from herbs, plants, flowers, leaves and trees while maintaining their nutrient potency.

The skin care market is growing globally right now but the major growth is coming from truly botanical based products. The new generation of botanical and/or organic skin care products contain powerful natural extracts that have been blended with anti-aging ingredients such as peptides and plant based stem-cells.  There has been much publicity regarding the benefits of stem-cells but most people don’t know they can also be harvested from plants. So, the benefits are gained without resorting to using animal based by-products.

These benefits include reduction of age spots, improving the appearance of scarring, boosting collagen production, revitalizing skin..... and that's just for starters.

The big plus is that these products contain fewer harsh chemicals, some of which have been proven to be harmful.  Companies, such as Australiana Botanicals, actually, use zero chemicals in their range and include only pure, botanical based ingredients and plant stem-cells. Nothing harsh, harmful or toxic.

Australiana Botanical extracts stem-cells from fresh carrots and add them to their anti-aging formulations. Carrots are a member of the Carotenoid family and have been proven to hold many health benefits including being a powerful anti-oxidant and free radical destroyer. Beta-carotene is the prime ingredient and is found in yellow colored fruits and vegetables such as carrots, peaches, pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

Skin care products using these ingredients may well have skin-boosting super powers directly related to this amazing ingredient’s ability to renew and revitalize skin. Add to that protection from damage caused by sunlight, pollution, stress and even accelerated aging from smoking, and you have a real winner!

Some leading international beauty brands are now turning to using plant based stem-cells. However, it is the upscale, boutique companies, like Australiana Botanicals, that are really leading the way in the pure, natural, botanical and organic skin care products market. Being smaller and privately owned their focus can be on quality of product, rather than being profit driven like the large manufacturers who answer to shareholders and investors. This is achieved by being able to choose only the very best ingredients not based on cutting costs and mass production.

Australiana Botanicals manufactures an exclusive range of pure, natural and safe botanical based skin care products with no harmful ingredients or fillers. Featuring the very latest discoveries in native Australian botanical ingredients, including super fruit extracts and essential oils, its products are unique. This new line is among the best organic skin care products available anywhere and ranked high by users.

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