What Are the Best Plant Extracts for Skin and Body Care?

What Are the Best Plant Extracts for Skin and Body Care?

Let’s talk about plant extracts for skin care. For millennia, people have used plants for medicine, food, and personal care. Benefits that used to be anecdotal are now being validated by science.

As consumers demand safer skin care products, plant extracts for skin are receiving a lot of attention. When used correctly, plant extracts can do wonders for your complexion and overall health of your skin. And we all know that healthy skin looks younger, looks better, feels better and ages slower. A great combination.

Some plant extracts - like aloe and shea butter - have been appearing on ingredient lists for a while. Others—like pine bark extract and calendula are just showing up in products. Even newer on the scene are Australian Outback botanicals that are blowing all the others away in potency. These are new discoveries.

Plant Extracts and Essential Oils: Is There A Difference?

While both extracts and essential oils come from plants, there are some differences.

  • It requires much more plant material to obtain an essential oil
  • Some plants can provide an extract but not an essential oil
  • Because oils are more concentrated, they usually have a stronger fragrance
  • It is easier to obtain an extract than an essential oil (oils require distillation)

What Plant Extracts Are Good for My Skin?

That’s a great question and one we get asked regularly. Here are a few of the very best and so new you may not have heard of them.

  • Kakadu Plum extract: very high in vitamin C and antioxidant activity. Helps neutralize free radical damage, stimulates collagen production for tighter, younger skin , revitalizes and rejuvenates skin.
  • Date Palm extract: minimizes appearance of wrinkles.
  • Pine Bark extract: generates hyaluronic acid for improved hydration and stimulates collagen production for tighter skin (an anti-aging dynamic duo).
  • Lingonberry extract: helps reduce hyper-pigmentation with vitamins C, vitamin E, and polyphenols which helps repair skin damage caused by ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
  • Quandong extract: prevents premature aging, lightens dark circles, reduces inflammation and a powerful antioxidant to eliminate free radical damage.
  • Lemon Aspen extract: high vitamin C content for collagen production, anti-inflammatory, improves skin texture, repairs sun damage, provides nutrients for healthy skin.
  • Lilly Pilly berry extract: High on vitamin C and fruit acids. Increases collagen and elastic, natural astringent (tightens skin), stimulates cell turnover, powerful anti-aging,  brightens skin, Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, improves collagen production. Provides protection against the adverse effects of UVB radiation.
  • Cucumber Fruit extract: high in polysaccharides which strengthens the skin against moisture loss, helps shrink enlarged pores, prevents acne breakouts
  • Grapeseed extract: evens skin tone, boosts immunity
  • Fragonia™ essential oil: excellent cleansing and disinfecting agent. Smells gorgeous!
  • Kunzea essential oil: powerful cleansing, disinfecting, restoring and healing properties.

Combine Essential Oils and Plant Extracts for Skin Health

You don't have to choose between essential oils and plant extracts for skin. Find a product that combines the two for maximum benefits.

We've done that here at Australiana Botanicals. Our goal is to make perfectly safe products that are both powerful and effective. We have achieved our goal many times over and continue to innovate. We are very much leading the way in botanical skin and body care. Many of the ingredients we use are new discoveries from Australia, the land of many of the most powerful botanicals on earth. Superfruits, seeds, leaves and berries that have sustained the indigenous population for eons in an often harsh environment.

Check out our extensive skin care product menu. You'll find moisturizers, face creams, masks, cleansers, anti-aging serums, hand creams, exfoliants and eye creams.  Each of these are all botanical and free from harmful chemicals... yet provide tangible results. Read our product labels to see how many nutrient-rich active ingredients we combine in our formulations. No fillers, no artificial fragrances and no useless ingredients. You will find the most effective plant extracts and essential oils known for great skin and body care.




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