March 25, 2019

Since spring is a time of renewal, why not rejuvenate your skin care routine? It will brighten your skin and your spirits.

Skin Care Ingredients To Try In April

Stem Cells

Scientists are using stem cells to perform medical miracles. These 'intelligent' cells can be induced to differentiate into almost any type of cell. For example, they can repair tissue and organs. Stem cells used in skin care products are a bit different but no less amazing. (They aren't live or human, for instance.)

Look for skin care products with plant-based stem cells. They help reduce wrinkles by stimulating cell regeneration and collagen. Restore a natural glow and revitalize your complexion. Products that combine stem cells with potent botanicals pack even a bigger punch. Harness the power of stem cells for younger looking skin this spring.

Exotic Superfruits

Shea butter and coconut oil are so 2018. While they're good, there are newly discovered plants to try. What is a ‘superfruit?’ It's not a made-up marketing term. A superfruit has ridiculously high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are, well, super-potent. Try Goji Berry, Australian Kakadu Plum, Acai Berry, Australian Lilly Pilly, Mangosteen, African Kigelia, Bilberry, Australian Quandong and Noni.

Ubiquinone (Co-Enzyme Q10)

All human cells contain ubiquinone. It helps cells stay healthy and fight damage from free radicals. Unfortunately, our level of natural ubiquinone decreases with age. (No surprise...) Products with Co-Enzyme Q10 supplement your natural-occurring supplies. That's why it is used in high-end anti-aging products. Why should you care about free radical damage? When your skin can't fight oxidation, you see more wrinkles, dark spots, and loose, sagging skin. When researching anti-aging products with ubiquinone, don't buy cosmetic-grade. Unfortunately though, that’s hard to find. Most skin care companies use cosmetic grade from China and dilute it. It looks the same on the label but performance is very different. Undiluted pharmaceutical grade is much more potent and will give you the results you are looking for.

Spring Cleaning

Get a big garbage sack ready. It’s time for a bathroom cabinet/drawer/shelf purge. Toss products that have expired. Ditto for products with chemicals. You know those pretty scented lotions you received as gifts last Christmas? If they have ingredients you can’t pronounce without a degree in chemistry, or the word “fragrance” in the ingredients list, they probably contain the usual suspects that you don’t want absorbing into your skin.

Bonus tips:

  • Clean your make-up brushes with warm water and liquid hand soap.
  • Wash gently. Rinse. Blot excess water with towel. Reshape the bristles to dry.
  •  Buy a new toothbrush. There may be winter cold germs lurking on yours.

 Ah….doesn’t that feel better?

 Happy April!


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