Kakadu Plum - Aussie Skin Care Superfood You Need to Know About

Kakadu Plum - Aussie Skin Care Superfood You Need to Know About

There is a fantastic new superfood in town that’s simply off the charts in great goodies for your skin. It’s the Australian Kakadu plum.

Almost unknown outside of Australia this powerhouse native outback fruit is fast gaining traction in skin care. But why?  Because it is jam packed with everything that your skin is thirsting for!  Unknown until recently to modern science this amazing super fruit has been used for thousands of years by the Aboriginal people of Australia as both a food and a medicine.

First and foremost it has the highest concentration of vitamin C of any known plant on earth. That’s incredible just by itself!  In fact, around one hundred times more than an orange and many times more that the highly renowned blueberry. Why is that so important for your skin, you ask?  Well, C is a powerhouse vitamin and extremely good for skin health. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and an anti-aging nutrient. It also helps in the production of an amino acid, called proline, which is required to produce collagen. Collagen is that substance in our skin that regenerates new skin cells and rejuvenates our skin tone to keep us looking young.   Natural collagen production diminishes with age but is amplified by vitamin C. So, lots of vitamin C means lots of collagen. Lots of collagen means younger, firmer, more vibrant looking skin. That’s a very good thing!

 But that’s not all! 

 Kakadu plum is brimming with so many great things for skin and hair it’s hard to list them all. It contains vitamin E which helps revitalize skin and protects against free radicals. It contains ample amounts of important phytochemicals called gallic and ellagic acid that have anti-carcinogenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that can cause acne and premature aging.  

 It has a myriad of other vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy, radiant complexion such as folic acid, carotenoids, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, lutein and folate. All required to protect your skin from free radical damage, aging and in short, keeping you looking great.

For thousands of years Australia’s indigenous population have used the Kakadu plum for high nutritional value food, wound healing, sunburn, respiratory infections, muscular pain and even headaches.

So how can Kakadu plum help your skin?

Using topical skin care products with pure Kakadu Plum extract can keep your skin healthy, youthful and looking great. It can improve your skins appearance, help the overall health of your skin which in turn slows the aging process, helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, helps reduce dark under eyes circles and can diminish skin discoloration.

Australiana Botanicals specializes in unique botanical and organic skin care products. They feature Kakadu Plum and other amazing new Australian super fruit extracts and newly discovered essential oils. These products are at the forefront of botanical skin care science. All natural, all botanical and using no chemicals, no fillers, no artificial ingredients, no artificial fragrances and no harmful ingredients. Simply pure, clean, botanical skin care that would have to be among the best organic skin care products offered today.

Try some today and see the difference!

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